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Minorities Spend More On Video Games According To New Market Research Study By Phoenix Marketing International

(Somerset, NJ, May 11, 2005) - Phoenix Marketing International's most recent market research study reveals that Minority Gamers spend almost twice as much as Caucasian Gamers on monthly electronic gaming purchases. According to David Pluchino, Senior Research Manager, "the results indicate that Gamers spend approximately $34 per month on software and/or hardware/accessories". Asians are spending the most, while Caucasians are spending the least amount of money on video games.

When asked about gaming genre preference, "Action/Adventure", "Arcade" and "Racing" are the top three preferred genres. However, when you look at how much is being spent by preferred gaming genre, those who prefer "Shooters" spend the most each month ($50), "Real-time Strategy" and "Sports" games follow closely behind, added Pluchino.

Phoenix Marketing International also looked at the new Sony PSP. One-quarter of all Gamers plan to purchase a PSP unit in the near future. Interestingly, among those currently not "gaming", one-in-twenty claim they also are planning to purchase a Sony PSP. African-Americans and Asians are most likely to have already purchased a PSP, while Caucasians are both the least likely to have already purchased or plan to purchase a Sony PSP. Not surprising, with the slew of sports games available for the PSP, those gamers preferring "Sports" are most likely to have already purchased a PSP.

Phoenix Marketing International is one of the premier marketing services firms serving the travel & entertainment, financial services, consumer packaged goods, and automotive sectors. Through a combination of custom market research products and services, syndicated research products and sales optimization modeling, PhoenixMI partners with clients to generate sound business and marketing opportunities and produce measurable sales results and a return-on-investment on marketing development expenses.

The results in this article are based on a market research study conducted by Phoenix Marketing International of more than 18,000 completed interviews. This robust sample yields a 95% confidence interval with an error margin of +/- 0.7%.

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