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Ministry of War

New server to conquest.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – March 21, 2011 – Snail Games, a worldwide leader in free-to-play browser MMOs will be launching a new server called “ Conquest” for its popular real-time-strategy MMO, Ministry of War , at 12:30pm PDT on Monday, March 21st.

Along with the new server, Snail Games will also host multiple in-game events giving all players the chance to win valuable in-game prizes. Among these events are:

Power Leveler’s Paradise - After the first 5 days, players with the highest level Heroes will receive free Epic Gear based on the highest level they are able to achieve.

Novice Packs and Daily Gifts - All new players will receive free gifts just for logging in over the first week.

Age Progression Bonuses - Everytime players progress their Civilization to a new age, they will automatically be rewarded.

The Golden Eggs - Crack open Golden Eggs on the Ministry of War website ( to win items.  Every Egg is a winner!

For a complete list of all events and descritions, visit

Ministry of War  is a historical-based MMO where players choose one of the world’s greatest Civilizations (Imperial Rome, Persia, Egypt, or China) and then build, battle, and trade their way to world domination. Having recently released The Arcadian Ladder expansion, Ministry of War continues to push forward the limits of what is possible in browser gaming.

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Ministry of War 

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About Snail Games USA

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Snail Games USA is the North American division of Snail Games (Suzhou Snail Electronic Co., Ltd.), a leading developer of MMOs and virtual worlds in China. Snail Games USA is committed to delivering the highest-quality interactive experiences to gamers. To learn more about Snail Games USA, please visit:

About Snail Games

Named as one of the “Top 10 Chinese game developers,” Snail Games (Suzhou Snail Electronic Co., Ltd.) is a leading developer of MMO and virtual worlds in China. Founded in October 2000, Snail Game’s library of titles includes 5 Street, Age of Armor, Voyage Century, Heroes of Gaia, and Ministry of War. Snail Games' wildly popular titles are currently sold and distributed worldwide.

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