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Ministry of Sound Ibiza Game

"Summer's over, but clubbers, party-goers, fun-seekers and fashionistas may still party on the magical island of Ibiza using their mobile phones, since the biggest sensation in mobile games this season is, you guessed, the Ministry of Sound Ibiza Game."

This mobile game is truly original and innovative. Instead of having to kill enemies, the player must try to work the crowds, get free access to the best clubs and after-hours, get invited to the most exclusive parties, make out with the most gorgeous boys and girls and become the "leader" of the island, besides having to accomplish some other "missions".

And the "weapons" to be used are not guns or swords, but charm and sex-appeal, with the help of health and money, that may increase or decrease during the game as a result of the actions that the player decides to take.

Your charm and sex-appeal go up or down depending on your ability to be cool and sexy, by choosing the right conversation and the right tone with the right people at the right time.

Your money, of course, decreases when you pay to get in the clubs, drink something or invite others to drinks. Your health, obviously, decreases when you go non-stop from party to party without any rest or when you are too wasted. You gain your health back by resting in your apartment or by cooling down at a sunset chill-out.

With the right management of all these "weapons", the player gains popularity, gets invited to places and accomplishes different "missions" such as having Fabio go back with his ex, Günther, or getting a photographer for Brian, a not-so-famous fashion model.

The player can choose to be a guy or a girl, and either be straight or gay. Of course, your objectives and the reactions you get from the rest of the characters in the game are totally different in each of those cases. And each time you play the game you get different reactions and interactions.

You will mingle with different characters along the way that will help you or keep you from reaching your goals: Liz, a girl that pays for her holidays by giving out flyers; La Divina, an absolutely fab drag queen; Fabio, an Italian that throws the best pool parties; Alex, that works in the army because it's the one place to find tons of men together; Monica, daughter of famous parents that's running away from paparazzi; Gloria, a gorgeous model looking for more than just one-on-one sex, among other peculiar characters that wander around the island. And of course, and inevitably, you will run into club coppers, club PR's and the most spectacular go-go dancers.

The game takes place in the most popular sceneries in the island: the harbour, the clubs, the after-hours, the chill-outs, the incredible beaches or the fantastic villas with the private pool parties.

The design of characters and sceneries is sleek and stylish and way above average for a mobile game. The language is cool, sexy and provocative. And the music... the best house music by Ministry of Sound.

Definitely, the coolest and wildest game! This casual and easy-to-play game will start a new trend as it is introducing mobile games to the trendiest crowd, those who want to experience all the sights & sounds and all the vibe and glamour of Ibiza in their mobile phone.

The Ministry of Sound Ibiza Game is available through most mobile phone operators in Europe.

The Ministry of Sound Ibiza Game has been created and developed by Kato Studios and it is published worldwide by THQ Wireless.

About THQ Wireless

THQ Wireless Inc., a subsidiary of THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI), is a global leader in mobile entertainment, offering a wide range of wireless products, including games, personalization products, information services and messaging based on top licenses such as the WWETM, Star Wars, popular Nickelodeon properties and professional sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and the NHRA. In addition to wireless entertainment products, THQ Wireless' controlling interest in MINICK gives the company access to one of the largest premium messaging networks in the world in order to offer a broad range of services from content distribution to mobile marketing campaigns and place the company at the forefront of this rapidly growing messaging market. Headquartered in Calabasas, California, THQ Wireless has offices worldwide, in addition to distribution agreements through wireless carriers across the globe. Further information can be found at

About Kato Studios

Kato Studios is the leading developer and publisher of mobile games in terms of innovation and creativity.

Kato Studios is based in Madrid, and it combines the talents of a team of professionals with extensive backgrounds in the entertainment industry and a young group of highly skilled designer and programmers with a "gamer profile".

Its product philosophy is to limit its catalogue to high quality games that deliver a little extra something in creativity, storyline, playability, features and graphics.

Kato Studios has a game for everyone who wants to break with routine, anytime, anywhere. More information at

Title: Ministry of Sound Ibiza Game

Genre: RPG (Lifestyle)

Technology: J2ME (MIDP1 y MIDP2), Doja

Platforms: Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Alcatel, Sharp, Sagem

Multiplayer: No

Connectivity: None

Developer: Kato Studios


Enjoy the wildest holidays in the world's number one destination for clubbers, party-goers and fun-seekers! 24/7 partying, all the music, all the glamour, all the vibe, all the local fauna, and all that sexy stuff...! Become a local celebrity in this game that recreates the real Ibiza experience in your mobile phone. No holds barred.

Game Objective

You control one of the three main characters to work the crowds, get free access to the best clubs, be invited to the most exclusive parties, or get that special someone... The game allows you to act freely, but keep in mind it's AYOR!! Bummers (club coppers, too wasted, no money...) may get on the way to reach your goal of becoming the leader of the pack!

Core Gameplay

- The Player - You may choose to be a guy or a girl and either be straight, gay or open-minded.

- Characters - In your adventure you will meet gorgeous boys and girls, over-the-top fashionistas, sexy go-go dancers, absolutely fab drag queens, club coppers... and all the local fauna...

- Sceneries - The harbour, the clubs, the after-hours, the exclusive private pool parties, the crazy beach bashes, the chill-out sunsets...


It's the first really cool game for casual gamers ever!

- Easy to play - The game is designed for casual gamers looking for quick, easy and sexy entertainment.

- Graphics - Several sceneries and more than 30 characters are accurate, sleek and carefully designed.

- Sex - It's the first mobile game that's really really sexy. Sex however is treated with spicy tongue-in-cheek humour and it's never explicit.

- Language - Dialogues are part of the fun. Language is provocative, it's cool, it's sexy and it's completely real. With the appropriate lingo all doors in Ibiza will open for you. Available in all major European languages.

- Music - No Ibiza game would be the real thing without the best house and chill-out music.

- Different endings - Each time you play the game, you may choose to be a different you, getting different reactions from all the other characters... It will be a totally different experience!

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