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iPhone shooter from an ex-Microsoft/Lionhead one-man team.

Get ready for the most frantic, exciting and FUN game for your iPhone! MiniSquadron is a "AAA" production quality game made by a one person studio to rival the best action games on any handheld console!

MiniSquadron is a frantic shooter for the iPhone/iPod Touch, involving lots of little planes all vying for supremacy of the skies! Perform loop-the-loops, Immelmann turns and other daring feats of aerial shenanigans with a super fluid control system - experience the joy of freedom in the air!

Simple and highly addictive old-skool shooting gameplay suitable for all ages, with stunning graphics to match. Take your mini squadron through lush forest levels to modern cityscapes, and then SHOOT EVERYTHING IN THE WAY FOR A HI-SCORE!

Shoot down enemy planes, bombers, UFOs, ducks, turtles, seagulls and more! Collect a plethora of power-ups - and unlock over 50 types of planes with different weapon types - there's nothing quite like this on the iPhone! Get it from the iTunes App Store for currently just £1.79/$2.99. Visit www.minisquadron.com for more information. Here are some direct links to gameplay video:



Visit these places for more information and pictures (yes PICTURES!):

Website: www.minisquadron.com

Twitter: twitter.com/mrfungfung

Devblog: minisquadron.blogspot.com

A bit about me:

I am an ex-Microsoft/Lionhead and ex-Sony Graphics Coder with over 9 years experience in the games and entertainment industry. I've worked on the BAFTA winning Fable series for XBox with Microsoft/Lionhead, and also music videos for bands including Massive Attack. I have now decided to make......a REALLY FUN SHOOTING GAME on the iPhone! Rah!


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