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Mini Fighter

Third storyline trailer continues the tale.

When we last left the story of Mini Fighter, Cro and Hikaru were facing off in the semifinals of Delta-M’s Grand Arena Tournament, each hoping to earn the title of Strongest Fighter. As the fierce battle raged, resulting in one regrettable casualty from the arena’s audience, Delta-M and the villainous Marshall hinted at their evil plans for the tournament. Everyone arrived expecting a fair fight, but things may not be what they seem…

Will the warriors find out about Delta-M’s sinister goals? Will Kang survive the injuries he took as an audience member? And just who are those six, shadowy figures waiting in the wings? Check out the third story trailer for Mini Fighter, “New Beginning,” to find out!

To check out all the trailers online, head to:

For more information about Mini Fighter and the upcoming second closed beta, please visit the official Netmarble website at

Kate Pietrelli, TriplePoint


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