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Mine Cart Rumble

Gaming's favourite means of transport makes latest appearance, this time with an iPad to be won.

ChaosTrend’s new game Mine Cart Rumble is coming to iOS and will be released on the 21 st December 2010 (Free version released in January 2011). Mine Cart Rumble is a family friendly action game, where you must help Jethro claim back the gold that was swindled off him by the evil BAD CO. Ride your mine cart at break neck speed through the BAD CO mines, blasting BAD CO henchmen with your supply of TNT, collecting the gold strewn around the mines taking back what was rightfully yours.

BAD CO isn’t simply going to let you take the gold they stole off you without a fight, so expect to see many henchmen in mine carts, barrels or blimps hell bent on making your job as difficult as possible. After a hard days mine carting there is nothing more relaxing than digging for gold the old fashioned way. Take your pick and dig for gold once every area has been navigated.

People who sign up for a ChaosTrend account are automatically entered into the prize draw to win an iPad. The benefits of a ChaosTrend account are as follows;

- ChaosTrend newsletter, giving early news on ChaosTrend games and updates.

- Exclusive wallpapers that are only available through the ChaosTrend account.

- Special closed beta test places for account holders.

- Feedback ability, let us know what you think and suggest new ideas.

Winners will be announced in March and contacted via email. For more information on ChaosTrend Ltd, please visit the site, contact us at 

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