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Mind Storm Labs—Ottawa Based Game Developer -Launches with Venture Capital Partner and New Approach to Table-Top Role Playing Games

First Table-Top RPG Release, Alpha Omega, Slated for Fall 2007

Ottawa, Canada, May 30, 2007 - Game developer Mind Storm Labs is reinvigorating the gaming industry with innovative ideas from a team with twenty years of experience playing and designing table top role playing games. The company recently acquired venture capital to assist in the launch of their first table-top role playing game, Alpha Omega, to be released in Fall 2007.

With the development of their first RPG, Alpha Omega, Mind Storm Labs has created a unique multiplayer game with an adaptive rule set-detailed enough to represent the real world but designed to allow players greater freedom and flexibility. There are no set abilities; players use their own imaginations to create "effects" in accordance with their own wishes. Players may also design their own weapons, vehicles, and armor.

Mind Storm Labs is bringing fantasy role playing game players a uniquely streamlined, adaptive, and easy to learn system of game mechanics with Alpha Omega. For experienced players and game guides, extreme creativity is the key to success. An innovative feature, the RPG is designed to play at a fast pace to keep everyone at the table continuously engaged and to enable characters to evolve and conduct actions without the restrictions of "classes" or "levels." The power of characters is not defined by a singular level system, and players may choose from a massive amount of Abilities, Drawbacks, Genetic Deviations, and Augmentations to make their character unique-as opposed to the traditional "class" system.

Alpha Omega will be introduced at GenCon Indy's 40th Anniversary from August 16th-19th, 2007, with the Mind Storm Labs team in attendance for the presentation. The Mind Storm Labs newsletter, available for sign up at, details the progress of development of the fantasy game and offers updates on the company.

About Mind Storm Labs:

The team at role playing game maker Mind Storm Labs has over twenty years of experience playing, designing, and implementing role-playing games and RPG themes. With the assistance of a new venture capital partner and much creative energy, this experience has culminated in the production of their flagship multi-player game, Alpha Omega.

Published Contact Data:

Name: Tom McLaughlin

Phone: 407-625-2666


ZipCode: 32820

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