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Millionaires Rank of Voyage Century

Players in Voyage Century Online ( ) have lots of ways to earn money. Who is the richest player in VCO till now? Are you interested in this? Now, let us have a look at the richest players of each server according to the latest database.

James Cook: Nelee 201088100

Columbus: monica 414566616

Magellan: Hivc 307098079

Da Gama: Wil 421476497

How can they become Millionaires? The following are several ways of players who earn much money in this MMORPG through official interview of those gamers:

1. Hardheaded

Players of this kind focus their attention mainly on logistics and business, such as woodcutting, mining, salvage or selling goods around the world. Generally speaking, the higher level of their logistics or business is, the more money they will earn.

2. Opportunistic

Opportunistic players focus their attention mainly on seeking fragments. Besides, they sell cheap items at high price.

3. Monopolistic

Players of this kind engross rare monsters under the protection of their own guild and then they monopolize the market of rare items.

4. Marauding

Players of this type rob other players' trade caravan or Bosses' pirate ships. Relatively speaking, they will obtain more money by looting ships.

5. Scalping

Players of this kind buy something in and sell at a higher price to earn price difference. But they should hold the ability of grasping marketing information in good time in order to profit.

6. Stockpiling

Rare things are expensive and price rises as needs increase. This is the principle of price fluctuation. The key for stockpiling players to profit is to handle marketing information well and truly as well as gambling psychology. They can stock fragments, weapons and so on. And sell them when the price rises. Surely, they may lose money in business sometimes.

7. Producing

Players of this type use recipes and materials to produce items.

8. Cheating

The feeling of guilty and disgrace is the ultimate underline of morality. While discarding it, even the most dumpish brain would give birth to a means to earn money. Be careful while purchasing something, there may be a "0" miss on the price.

9. Price-laying

You may leave something forgotten in bank but now it is valuable. The time to drive its price up and earn large fortunes comes.

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