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Midnight Synergy Celebrates the Fifth Anniversary of the Wonderland Game Series.


October 24th, 2007.

Available for download on PC, the Wonderland game series combines action, adventure, and puzzle solving over hundreds of levels, as players take control of two unlikely heroes, 'Stinky' and 'Loof'. Since its inception, the series has grown to encompass four different games - including its latest release, 'Wonderland Adventures' - as well as an online player community, where thousands of members discuss the game, share puzzle solutions, and create new levels and other content.

To mark the fifth anniversary of the original Wonderland game release, Midnight Synergy is, for a limited time, offering several of its products at drastically reduced prices, including the original Wonderland game for five dollars and the Midnight Synergy CD Collection for twenty dollars. Midnight Synergy is also releasing a free level editor for 'Wonderland Adventures', allowing players to create even more challenges and adventures.

For additional information on the Wonderland games and these special offers, visit the Midnight Synergy homepage at http://www.midnightsynergy.com, or contact us directly at midnight@midnightsynergy.com.

Editor Note: Review copies are available upon request.

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