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Midlife Gamer

Join in their 100th episode celebration.

The team behind Midlife Gamer, one of the most successful and fastest growing gaming podcast and websites in the UK, are currently celebrating 100 episodes of their show in style with a massive, week-long competition now that Ep 100 has gone live on the iTunes store.

Having teamed up with our pals at PopCap, Relentless Software, SouthPeak Games, FatShark, Rising Star Games, Zoë Mode, Gamevil, Nordic Games and SCS Software, Midlife Gamer will be giving away loads of great games, merchandise, T-shirts and a few very special prizes gamers won't find anywhere else. Further details on prize specifics will be revealed throughout the coming seven days, all of which can be found here. We'll also be hosting impromptu competitions and other fun via the official Midlife Gamer Twitter account, @MidlifeGamerNet

So what are you waiting for? Come pay us a visit on and join in the celebrations of a century of great gaming, humour and community!

About Midlife Gamer

Midlife Gamer is rapidly becoming a major force in the sphere of British games journalism. At just two years old, we've already amassed a huge following of like minded gamers, interviewed some of the most influential minds in the industry (Chet Faliszek, Charles Cecil, Tommy Tallarico and Ralph Baer to name a few), covered Eurogamer Expo with big plans for 2010's show, invited to judge a Global Games Jam and the show is a constant feature of the front page of the iTunes store's gaming podcast section.

Want to find out more? Visit us on or get in touch direct via

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