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Midas wises up to Clever Kids

Midas Interactive Ent. Ltd. makes a smart move into the educational games sector with the release of Clever Kids: Dino Land and Clever Kids: Pony World on the Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2 and PC CD-Rom.

Clever Kids is a brand new multi-format product range, featuring hugely enjoyable and yet educationally beneficial gaming products. Targeted at the 6-10 year age group Clever Kids has the explicit aim of encouraging youngsters to learn through interaction and exploration of some of their favourite subjects.

Stimulating and interesting information is delivered through a variety of mediums including touch, sight and sound. At every turn Clever Kids informs, entertains, educates and rewards the player. By reacting to their responses their level is quickly assessed and more challenging games offered as they develop.

Sprocket, a loveable and amusing robot, is the guide through all Clever Kids games offering both support and advice to help the player enjoy their adventure. Each game features its own set of unique mini games including math tests, spot the difference, memory games, quizzes and puzzles.

Midas' Head of Sales, Sam Collins, comments "Our own analysis shows that Clever Kids encourages logical reasoning, improves memory functions, develops dexterity and increases attention span - all the time maintaining the players interest in a subject and making them laugh as they learn!"

The uniqueness of the Clever Kids range is that for the first time on PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS formats the underpinning requirements of the curriculum are met by console games. In stark contrast to the media reports of over use of consoles by children and legitimate questions being asked about the suitability of the content of some video games, Clever Kids represents an antidote in the form of stimulating but educationally biased fun.

Parents can be additionally reassured that extensive research has been carried out into the benefits of game based learning. At the forefront of the studies is Learning and Teaching Scotland the national body that supports the development of the Scottish curriculum. Their findings have been presented in conjunction with a report commissioned by the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA), which found that educational games, such as Clever Kids "can significantly enhance learner performance in mental maths as well as having a positive impact on other aspects of classroom life such as attitude and application to learn, behaviour, self-esteem and collegiality" *. Henry Jenkins, Director of MIT, offers a supporting statement, describing computer games as 'the most powerful learning technology of our age" **.

Developed by Gamerholix, Pony World and Dino Land are scheduled for a release on the 2nd November in all PAL territories. These, the first two instalments in the Clever Kids range, will retail at a competitive £9.99 on both PC CD-Rom and PlayStation 2 and £19.99 on the Nintendo DS. Nintendo Wii versions are planned for launch Spring 2008.


Learning and Teaching Scotland (October, 2007). A report of how a Nintendo DS game impacted on a P.6 class in a school in Scotland. Report ** Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (October, 2007).Unlimited learning: Computer and video games in the learning landscape. Report


For more information please contact Adrian Clews at Midas Interactive Ent.

T: +44 (0) 1279 858 004/000



About Midas Interactive

Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd, based at Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, is a leading European publisher and developer of video games for all major gaming platforms, including Nintendo DS, Playstation Portable, PlayStation 2 and PC.

Midas has established market leading budget ranges on the major console formats. The company mantra is to offer the best possible value for money in the market place and have a range that has the widest possible market appeal.

The Midas formula works with total PlayStation sales exceeding 11 million units in Europe alone. The future for Midas is to grow and improve the current ranges while ensuring that the demands of the next generation of gaming platforms are met.

About Majesty House

Majesty House is a newly established holding company looking after a group of companies operating within the entertainment industry. These companies are Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd, Ghostlight Ltd, and Laughing Jackal Ltd (a development and testing studio).

The primary role of Majesty House is to firmly establish the Majesty House Group in the entertainment sector and deliver a profitable, vertically integrated business model.

"Majesty House - the home of entertainment"

About Gamerholix

Gamerholix is a Leeds, UK based company that designs and develops computer and video games. Founded in 2005 by industry veteran and chairman of Game Republic, Elliot Gay, Gamerholix redefines the way games are developed utilising a Hollywood style business model that flexibly and efficiently mixes in-house resources with outsourcing expertise. This proven philosophy offers significant advantages, ensuring the right talent can be hand picked for each project, whilst remaining under the stewardship of some of the industry's most respected individuals. For further information please visit


Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA)

ELSPA is the collective identity of the UK interactive entertainment industry, protecting, promoting and providing both for its members and for the industry as a whole. Its activities include industry reports and research; official games charts and analysis; Volume Sales Awards; management and funding of the Anti-Piracy Unit ; industry and media communications and government lobbying.

Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS)

Learning and Teaching Scotland is committed to providing world-class teaching and learning experiences for Scotland's children and young people. As the lead organisation for curriculum development in Scotland, they offer support and guidance to teachers, early years practitioners, schools and education authorities to help improve achievement for all.

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