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Midas uses E3 to showcase strongest ever line-up

April 2006

Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd. is heading out west to Los Angeles in May to unveil its strongest ever line-up of console games at the annual E3 show.

The Electronics Entertainment Expo, or E3 for short, is the most significant gaming show in the calendar and Midas will be taking the opportunity to unveil a raft of new and exciting PlayStation 2 (PS2) titles to the worlds media and key retail customers.

First up are two titles within Midas' highly successful World War II series of video games. WWII: Battle over Europe is the sequel to Midas' top 10 release Pacific Warriors II. The action has moved to mainland Europe with Spitfires and Messchersmitts dogfighting in aerial combat.

Back on the ground, WWII: Tank Battles sees some of the most famous metal hulks or steel, including the Sherman, Panzer and King Tiger, wreak their destructive havoc against ground forces and military compounds.

Both titles set new standards for budget PlayStation 2 gaming and are certain to strengthen Midas' reputation for delivering outstanding value for money military combat games.

Other PlayStation 2 titles making their debuts at E3 include -

Zoocube: A revolutionary puzzle game with a truly modern ecological theme. By saving the animal species of the world you protect the food chain and save humanity from an evil scientist. It's not as easy as it sounds though with both a fast mind and even faster dexterity required for success.

World Super Police: Gangland car crime is out of control. Behind these gangs is a co-ordinated global terrorist force. A response is needed to meet this threat head on and thus a new force - the World Super Police is created. Your role as part of this crack squad is to neutralise this threat. You have got all the technology you need - take to the streets of the greatest cities on the planet and save the day!

The Cue Academy: Snooker, Pool, Billiards: Go to the home of the greatest players and hone your skills before heading out on the competition circuit. The game features an unrivalled amount of un-lockable extras and rewards including new locations, accessories and special moves.

WWI: Aces of the Sky: The planes might be vintage but the action is as intense as any air combat game on any console. Although you have got an extensive arsenal at your disposal your main asset is your ability to out-maneuver the enemy so you can get them in your sights and send them to the ground in a ball of smoke.

The Midas stand can be found in the West Hall number 2800. UK sales, International sales, marketing and product acquisition staff will be on hand to help interested parties. To pre-book a meeting please email Sam Collins (sam.collins@midasinteractive.com)

For further information please contact:

Sam Collins, Midas Interactive Entertainment
Tel: (01279) 858 000, Fax: (01279) 508 841

About Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd.
Midas Interactive, based at Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom, was established in 1998 and is a leading European publisher and developer of video games for all major gaming platforms, including PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PC CD-Rom, mobile phone and hand held computers.

Midas have established market leading budget ranges on the major console formats. For all ranges the strategy is to offer the best possible value for money in the market place and have the widest possible market appeal. Recent hits include Daemon Summoner, Rollercoaster World, Pacific Warriors II and International Cue Club, which reached No.1 in the PlayStation 2 budget chart.
The Midas formula works with total PlayStation sales exceeding 9 million units in Europe alone. The future for Midas is to grow and improve the current ranges while ensuring that the demands of the next generation of gaming platforms is met. www.midasinteractive.com

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