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Microsoft: We can ensure quality in Xbox Live Community Games

Community tools and search options strong enough to inform consumers and allow easy access to best games

Microsoft has said it's confident it can ensure the quality of Xbox Live Community Games and that gamers will have the "best possible experience".

A Microsoft representative has contacted GamesIndustry.biz to respond to a blog post by former XNA community manager David Weller last week, which claimed the company wasn't doing enough to guarantee the quality in its Xbox Live Community Games.

"There will be many ways for users to find the truly quality, creative and fun content on Xbox Live Community Games, and we're going to ensure the best possible experience for consumers," said Microsoft.

"First, there will be free trials of every community game available on Xbox Live as well as a detailed description, because it is really important to us that consumers know what they are paying for. Second, we will have a thriving Xbox Live Community Games storefront for the top-rated games, highest sellers and most downloaded titles of the moment. Finally, consumers will be able to visit Xbox.com to view all of the games available on the service, easily search and sort titles by user-ratings, content and genre, rate games and even download them directly to their Xbox 360."

"You'll even be able copy a game's direct Xbox.com URL and post it on your Facebook page, or send in e-mail to all of your friends. If you want to search through hundreds of games, you can, but we'll also be providing easy ways to find the freshest, most fun content on the console," added the spokesperson.

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