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Microsoft to sponsor GameShadow innovation awards

GameShadow has today announced that Microsoft Visual Studio is the latest sponsor of the firm's Innovation in Games Awards - which aim to reward creative innovation in the interactive medium across a variety of categories.

Microsoft Visual Studio joins other sponsors including ATI, Softwrap and Limelight Networks, as well as Moviestorm, who are sponsoring the award for Best Machinima Production.

The Innovation in Games Awards feature eleven categories in total - ten of them selected by a panel of judges from across the media and the creative side of the industry, with a final category being voted for by the public. Over 5,000 votes have already been registered in this final category.

"It is fantastic that Microsoft Visual Studio is supporting the GameShadow Awards," enthused GameShadow CEO Nicholas Lovell. "It shows that there is a real commitment out there to uncover and recognise real creative innovation as oppose to only rewarding the big industry blockbusters. This sponsorship marries Microsoft Visual Studio's desire to make it easier for developers to make great games with our drive to help gamers play the most innovative titles."

Further information about the awards - including a voting page for the People's Choice awards, information about the nominees in every category and download links for the 17 entirely free titles which have been nominated across various categories - can be found on the GameShadow website at

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