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Microsoft sues Datel over third-party 360 controllers

Platform holder says technology infringes its patents

Microsoft has instigated a lawsuit against gaming peripheral firm Datel, accusing the company of infringing patents in the production of its TurboFire and WildFire Xbox 360 controllers.

According to Microsoft, the two controllers infringe five patents it has been granted in the last three years.

Complaints have been filed by the platform holder in both the US and the UK, according to the Seattle Post.

"We have filed a complaint in the US against Datel, alleging that its products violate our design registrations for Xbox controllers," said Microsoft spokesman Kevin Kutz.

"We have a robust licensing program that ensures high standards and contributes to a great experience for the Xbox gamer community. We have a responsibility to protect that program and the companies that are part of it, as well as our own intellectual property."

The legal action comes shortly after Datel initiated a similar lawsuit against Microsoft for blocking its memory units from use on the Xbox 360.

In November last year Datel filed an antitrust lawsuit against the hardware manufacturer after it introduced a dashboard update that rendered all third-party memory units inactive with its console.

Datel claimed that such a move to take over the whole of the 360 accessories market was unlawful.

In the latest lawsuit against Datel, Microsoft will seek monetary damages, attorney fees and injunction relief.

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