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Microsoft relaunches Crystal Xbox in Europe

The Crystal Xbox is set to return to retail shelves across Europe next month, with the clear-cased console due to launch for a second time in the UK and Ireland on October 8th at the same retail price as the standed Xbox - UKP 99.

Originally launched in March as a limited edition run, the Crystal Xbox proved hugely popular and went on to make its way to both the United States and Japan. Each unit also comes with crystal joypads, which will also be made available separately.

"The response to the Crystal Limited Edition Xbox was so overwhelmingly positive and demand for the console so high that we made a decision to bring back the Crystal Xbox and give even more people the chance to own a beautiful piece of technology," according to Xbox platform and marketing senior director Michel Cassius.

"It really is the ultimate fusion of sexy design, powerful hardware and fantastic gaming experiences and the ultimate home accessory this winter," he concluded.

Conveniently, the Crystal Xbox will arrive back at retail on the same day as Microsoft launches Fable, Big Blue Box' long awaited Xbox exclusive RPG title, which has already become the fastest-selling Xbox game ever at key retailers in the USA.

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