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Microsoft chooses iBeta as new QA supplier

Microsoft has selected Colorado firm iBeta Quality Assurance to supply third party Xbox software testing facilities in North America.

iBeta will offer a wide range of services, including functionality testing, Technical Certification Requirements compliance, Xbox Live, system link and peripheral testing.

According to iBeta, the company was put "under rigorous scrutiny" by Microsoft, with a focus on areas such as security and infrastructure. "We are honoured to be selected by Microsoft as a recommended Xbox testing firm," said iBeta CFO Earl Wing. "We have worked hard to get the the necessary infrastructure in place to meet the increased demand we expect in 2005."

iBeta has pledged to guide clients through the testing process in a bid to save them time and money and ensure that release dates are met. The company also stated that it is now able to offer testing services across all platforms, including the new Sony and Nintendo handhelds.

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