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Mforma to bring Marvel properties to mobiles

Seattle-based mobile content firm Mforma has announced the addition of a fairly impressive new string to its bow, with the inking of a deal which gives the firm exclusive mobile rights to almost all of Marvel's franchises.

The deal will allow Mforma to develop content ranging from games and ringtones to wallpapers and even mobile-format comic books based on the huge range of superhero and other comic book properties owned by Marvel.

Several of the properties, including Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four and Iron Man, will be co-published with Activision, which already owns the console game publishing rights to many Marvel properties.

Mforma plans to tie its mobile offerings in with movies based on the Marvel properties and with Activision's console game launches, so the first fruits of the deal will be Blade: Trinity content, to tie in with the recently launched movie.

Other releases in the near future will include Elektra content in January, Fantastic Four content next summer, and material based on the Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man later in the year - all tying in with planned launches for movies or games.

The only Marvel franchise not covered by the deal is The Punisher, the rights to which are already owned by THQ thanks to its deal to develop games based on the recent movie.

Mforma plans to create a mobile portal for Marvel content, called Marvel Mobile, and will distribute the material worldwide through its global network of operators.

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