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Metin2's Latest Update Includes New Character Classes, a Vastly Increased Server Capacity, and Items Designed for Couples

Toronto, Ontario/Canada -- October 30, 2007 - Metin2's long-awaited patch includes new character models for male Assassins/Mages and for female Warriors/Suras. In order to accommodate an increased player base, Metin2 has also doubled their server capacity by introducing new channels for users to play on. As a part of Metin2's marketing strategy, new products and services have been phased-in to allow paying users to receive value-added benefits that enhance their gaming experience.

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After extensive testing and review, the latest patch from Metin2 is now available for public download and use. The major features included in this patch reflect the wishes of players which were gathered from discussion on Metin2's Development Forums. Players will now be able to select male and female models for all available classes. In addition to this, we have re-balanced the classes to improve game-play both in 'Player vs. Player' and 'Player vs. Monster' environments.

Less popular classes that were not well suited to solo adventuring have been tweaked to allow greater flexibility when fighting enemies alone or in groups. Every class may now stand on its own and will also provide unique party-based benefits that will encourage players to band together in their battling through the challenges Metin2 has to offer.

The existing server infrastructure has been upgraded to meet the demands of an increasing player population. With these updates Metin2 has added 2 new channels (CH 3 & CH 4) that feature more monsters, maps, and combat zones. Players will now be able to communicate freely between channels, thus improving trade and social activities for all players of Metin2.

The 'Item Mall' section of Metin2 that allows paying users to receive special in-game bonuses has been revamped. After reviewing user buying habits, G4Box has introduced classic items at a discounted rate as well as introducing new items that required this latest patch to be effective. Player marriages have become popular due to the game-related extras available to them. A 'Couples Shop' has been implemented to allow paying users to enhance their gaming experience when playing together with their spouses. Wedding Rings allow couples to teleport to each other, Harmony Necklaces fortify health and defense, while Love Bracelets increase experience gained when playing together.

"New character content and changes to our server hardware will allow even more players from around the world to enjoy North America's premiere free-to-play MMORPG," said Howard He, CEO of G4Box Inc. "This release is just the tip of the iceberg, as it showcases the lengths to which our company will go to provide continuous service and improvement in order to meet the needs of our players."

For additional information regarding Metin2's patch notes, game information, or downloads, contact Howard He or visit

About G4Box:

G4Box is a publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products and offers a portfolio of diversified entertainment content that is accessible via the Internet.

G4Box was incorporated in May 2006. The corporation office is located in Markham, the Hi-Tech capital of Ontario, Canada.

Our vision is to become a premier content provider in this explosive worldwide market, and we are concentrating our creative and technical efforts on introducing new and exciting MMORPG's from Asia to North America.


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