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Metal Rage

16:16 online robot combat set in the year 2070.

System Requirments

Minimum requirements

CPU: 1.5 Ghz or higher

RAM: 512MB

Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Graphic Card: Geforce FX5200

Recommended requirements

CPU: Dual-core CPU or better


Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Graphic Card: Geforce 6600

High-end units of the Future Metal Rage is taking its place in 2070. It is the time when human have moved onto the space from the advance of technology. A scuffle for gaining authority is being done in a very different way from the present, and the battles among the military forces of 3 factions for concessions and maintenance of authority expands into international size. The city-type maps that are the main stages of the game will inform the users about the battlefield's tension with their tension-filled, quiet and gloomy atmosphere. Due to the game's background story, high-end units for the purpose of observe, maintenance, and engineer-type units exist.

* Maximized Strategies! 8 types of army branches exist as a part of system.

The mechanic unites in Metal Rage are subdivided into 8 types in total: Small, middle, assault, sniping type for combat units and firepower, observer, maintenance and engineer type for supportive units. The bisected army branch system focuses on not just the elimination of enemies, but the strategy-oriented play that determines win/loss based on the friendly forces' moves. Especially, the actions of supportive units with various special abilities will allow users to enjoy the aspects of real-time strategy games.

* Thrill of a massive warfare is here- battle mode for 16:16 exists!

Through ear-ripping sound of boosters, explosion of bombs and remains of buildings, an urgent battlefield unfolds. Metal Rage provides 16:16 massive battlefield, which is very unique in Korean shooting games, making the battle atmosphere more dynamic than the usual 8:8 environment. Especially, the team play enables a strategic respond to real-time variant situation of battlefields and hence makes the game even more intensive. 16:16 battle mode will force users to think for their team and flow of the game, instead of themselves and temporary triumph.

* Extreme actions can be experienced!

Imagine the assault-type units' rapid and sharp counter attacks, and firepower-type unites' heavy and vigorous strike sensations. Metal Rage maximized the mechanic robots' reality that resembles a real military combat. Plus, the real-time variant battle situations and fascinating effects make the general game play fast-paced. Especially, the optimized environment which is based on Unreal 2.5 engine enables a smooth game play even in 16:16 massive battle mode, letting users to enjoy fast and powerful action in massive battles.

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