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Metacritic to tighten user votes system

Site to disallow votes before a title has been released following disruptive scores

Aggregate site Metacritic has said that it intends to tighten its user voting system after a series of high profile games received poor scores before they were even released to stores.

Platform exclusive titles LittleBigPlanet, Gears of War 2 and Resistance 2 have all suffered at the hands of users intent on disrupting legitimate scores – prompting Metacritic to disallow titles to be voted for before public release.

Speaking to 1UP, editor Marc Doyle revealed that the site intends to tighten its user voting system. "Even before the enhanced registration portion, we're going to disallow voting on games before release," he added.

Metacritic rankings are becoming more important to the publishing community, with many industry execs judging a developer's output on the site's scoring system.

Although user and critic scores are kept separate, the misguided passion of some users could be seen as a blemish on a site taken increasingly seriously by the games community.

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