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Meta Quest 3 launches this fall at $499

Meta promises next headset will be thinner, more powerful, "first mainstream headset with high-res color"

Meta today announced its Meta Quest 3 headset along with a fall release window.

The base model of Meta's newest stand-alone VR headset will start at $499 ($690 in Canada), with the company promising it will be 40% thinner, with better displays, higher resolution, and "high-res color."

It will also feature a next-gen Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset that Meta is touting as having double the graphics performance of the Quest 2, as well as new "Touch Plus" controllers with haptic functionality.

Meta has confirmed Quest 3 will be compatible with the entire Quest 2 library of titles.

More details on the headset are expected to be announced September 27 during Meta's Connect conference.

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