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Meta Quest 3 launches October 10

Xbox cloud gaming to launch for headset in December

Meta Quest 3 is set to release October 10, Meta announced today at its Meta Connect event.

The base model of Meta's newest stand-alone VR headset will start at $499 ($650 in Canada).

The headset will also run on a Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chip that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said provides "twice the graphics performance of anything we've shipped before."

In a presentation opening the show, Zuckerberg announced that Xbox cloud gaming would be arriving on Meta Quest 3 in December, and a version of Roblox optimized for VR is launching for Quest headsets today.

Beyond the games, Quest 3 will also have optional colored head straps and visor parts, productivity apps like Microsoft Office 365, and augmented reality features like placing a virtual display within a user's room, or anchoring virtual objects to the environment, with the given example of putting Beat Saber trophies on shelves.

Outside of the Quest headset, Zuckerberg also touted Meta's AI tools to generate images that can be used in chats and Instagram, as well as a new line of Rayban camera-equipped glasses with integrated AI assistant functionality that will let users record what they see and share it through Meta's social networks.

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