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Merscom to release Trainz Railwayz

Newest title in popular Trainz series to ship in October


CHAPEL HILL, NC - July 10, 2007 - Merscom announced today that it will publish the PC title Trainz Railwayz for North American retail. Trainz Railwayz will combine two new titles in the Trainz line of games, and will also include as a bonus the best-selling Trainz Railroad Simulator (modified to be compatible with Windows Vista). Available late fall in major retail locations, the game, which is actually three complete games, will retail for only $19.99 USD.

Trainz Railways includes two new titles from the Trainz line of games: Harlem Line Edition and the Metropolis Edition.

The Harlem Line Edition is a representation of New York's Harlem Line. Activities will consist of historically accurate commuter and departmental operations typical of those seen from the early 80s to the present day. Each session is designed to reflect the real-life atmosphere of the locality and the services.

The Metropolis Edition, designed by Roger Cabo, is among the most stunning displays of Trainz ever created, focused on a modern city tramway and with beautifully realistic graphics.

"Trainz Railroad Simulator was a tremendous success last year, selling over 50,000 copies, and I am sure Trainz Railwayz will resonate even better both with traditional gamers and train enthusiasts," said Lloyd Melnick, Chief Customer Officer for Merscom. "Trainz Railwayz is a great bundle, combining two stunning new games with a hit title. It is a great value for either someone new to the Trainz franchise or somebody already enjoying Trainz."

"We are very excited about the release of our new series because it will appeal to both our loyal online following and also to our more casual users," said Graham Edelsten, Director of Auran Games. "Trainz Railwayz is a great collection that allows users to simulate unique periods in railroad history while still having a great time. Whether users are just beginning or have been playing Trainz for years, Trainz Railwayz provides seemingly endless amounts of entertainment."

About Merscom

Merscom is a global publisher of computer and video games that distributes games through multiple channels, multiple platforms and multiple revenue models. Merscom's channels include retail distribution in the US and Europe, online sale through major portals worldwide and games on Microsoft® Xbox Live® Arcade. Merscom publishes games from leading casual game developers, including Sandlot Games, Reflexive Entertainment, Absolutist and Pi-Eye Games. Merscom publishes on multiple platforms including PC, console and handheld. Merscom produces entertaining products for gamers of all ages and guarantees all customers a great experience with its "Fun Guarantee." For more information visit

About Auran Games

Auran is an innovative firm dedicated to providing high quality computer games and 3D technology. Auran's philosophy "Don't predict it, Create it" is reflected in its products and services and has led to Auran becoming one of Australia's most exciting interactive entertainment companies. Auran is best known for its acclaimed 3D game engine Auran Jet® (, and for its international hit computer game Dark Reign: The Future of War. Auran is currently in final stages of development of its eagerly awaited massively multiplayer online game, Fury (


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