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Merscom to Bolster Competitive Analytics

Strategic relationship with GameFrog, Inc. to provide unique data


CHAPEL HILL, NC - June 12, 2007 - Merscom announced today it is forging a strategic relationship with GameFrog, Inc. to understand better the retail behavior of casual gamers as well as expand the type of games available at GameFrog. The relationship will make six of Merscom's most popular casual games available at GameFrog's game centers in North Carolina and Texas. Merscom will use the data collected to determine the casual games most appropriate for a retail release, the best positioning for the games and the most effective packaging. GameFrog customers will enjoy access to an even broader array of games, as Merscom's casual games appeal to the mass market as well as the traditional gamer.

GameFrog will help Merscom collect consumer behavior data that will then be integrated with other data Merscom gathers from panels, focus groups and beta testers. The relationship with GameFrog will provide data that shows actual consumer choices in a retail environment. Merscom is currently developing a technology platform that allows it to collect and analyze data from testers, panels and end-users at all stages of the development cycle. This technology platform will generate data based on consumer interaction with Merscom games. With the help of leading consumer behavior experts at MIT, Duke University and Vanderbilt University, the data will be analyzed to improve consumer enjoyment and playing time, sales of Merscom games and in-game advertising revenue.

"As one of the few game companies, let alone entertainment companies, that competes on analytics, Merscom's relationship with GameFrog will give us data and insights into our customers' buying behavior that no other casual game company can match," said Lloyd Melnick, Chief Customer Officer for Merscom. "This data will help us focus our retail strategy so our customers can get the games they want at their favorite store."

"We're looking forward to providing real world information in a true gaming environment to this valued partner," said Randall Diers, President/CEO of GameFrog, Inc. "We will provide a fresh alternative to gathering important data which will deliver new insights about Merscom's customers."

About Merscom

Merscom is a global publisher of computer and video games that distributes games through multiple channels, multiple platforms and multiple revenue models. Merscom's channels include retail distribution in the US and Europe, online sale through major portals worldwide and games on Microsoft® Xbox Live® Arcade. Merscom publishes games from leading casual game developers, including Sandlot Games, Reflexive Entertainment, Absolutist and Pi-Eye Games. Merscom publishes on multiple platforms including PC, console and handheld. Merscom produces entertaining products for gamers of all ages and guarantees all customers a great experience with its "Fun Guarantee." For more information visit

About GameFrog, Inc.

GameFrog, Inc. is North Carolina's premier Internet game center with locations in Cary, Durham, Charlotte, Winston-Salem and coming soon to Raleigh and Texas. GameFrog is complete with high-powered PCs, high-speed Internet access, HD large monitors for PC and Xbox 360 gaming. The stores hold video game tournaments, lock-ins, special events as well as offering party options to reach the younger gamer. For more information go to


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