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European publishing rights secured from Ertain BV


London: 13th July 2007

Mercury Games today announces that it has secured the European publishing rights from Ertain BV for Warriors of the Lost Empire, on the Sony PSP format. The game is also known as Lost Regnum in Japan, where it has already received much acclaim.

The companies are already involved in deal to bring 10 Nintendo DS games to the UK through the Zen series, a series of lifestyle games do not contain any violence or competitive elements.

The signing strengthens the partnership between Mercury Games and Ertain and they are expecting to bring more titles from Japan to the UK.

Leo Zullo, President of Mercury Games said: "We are pleased to be bringing our first Sony PSP title to market. Warriors of the Lost Empire is a great Hack-and-slash game. We are also happy that this deal further strengthens our relationship with Ertain BV".

Game Details:

Warriors of the Lost Empire is an action RPG located in a fantasy land, built long ago by the great Emperor Hadrianus as a testament to his beautiful wife Antinos. But when Hadrianus mysteriously locked himself in the temple, the city dwellers began to flee.

The city became besieged by criminals and other worldly creatures. A special team of warriors have been tasked with investigating the lost city. Players chose to play as one of the four characters; High Lander, Amazoness, Gladiator or Dark searcher, with full character and weapon customisation.

As the player explores the world and battles the dark forces, new skills and attack combos are learnt. As well as trying to collect more than 150 weapons, players can also commission a blacksmith to create weapons with other items they uncover.

There are ten different dungeons to explore with mythical creatures and bosses to battle and defeat. The fast game play along with the ability to draw enemies to attack and juggle each other makes Warriors of the Lost Empire a classic hack-and-slash. The game can also be played co-operatively with two players over WLAN.

Warriors of the Lost Empire will be releasing across Europe on the 14th September, at an SRP of £19.99 / 24.99.


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About Mercury Games

Mercury Games was set up in 2005 as a video games publisher and has sold over 1 million units worldwide of the Crazy Frog franchise. Mercury Games publishes games across all platforms including licensed and original IP products for Nintendo DS and Wii, Sony PS2, PSP and PSN, and Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade. Mercury Games currently operates two additional brands, Turtle Games which publish games for the children's games market and Zen games which publish relaxing, non-violent and non-competitive lifestyle games.

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About Ertain

Ertain is a publisher of video games from Japan, focusing on handheld consoles. It was incorporated in 2005 and now employs more than 45 people. Ertain is also developing next generation consoles and online games for PCs. Ertain has firmly established itself in Japan with a range of innovative products. It is now expanding into Western markets with a new European division, Ertain BV in Netherlands.

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