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Meqon Physics Engine in Neuro – in Newton’s way.

Good news for all FPS-games funs, especially for those who are awaiting for the first person shooter Neuro ( Company GFi ( and Revolt Games ( glad to report to essential improvements concerning the game's physics. Developers took a decision to purchase license to one of most powerful physic engines - Meqon Game Dynamics 1.5 (

Main features of Meqon's engine incarnated in Neuro are following:

- Interactive environment. Character is realistically interacting with objects and environments;

- "Rag-doll" technology simulates the behavior of dead bodies, thus they are adequately reacting on external effects: they bend, scatter around by explosions, slip down the walls;

- Smoke and particle effects realistically interact with the environment;

- Interactive environment and gameplay are going side by side: player can utilize every means to achieve the goal - destroy objects, make barricades, throw heavy objects at adversaries;

- High output of Meqon Physics allows to "enliven" almost all objects in game.

Revolt Games are very pleased with reached agreement with Meqon and incarnating of this technology in game. "Neuro's environment can hardly be

without realistic physics. We work hard to prepare this FPS and we consider that the environment is main part of our the game"

- comments the situation project leader Sergey Smirnov.


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