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Meqon launches free trial of its physics SDK

Swedish technology firm Meqon, fresh from demonstrating the physics technology that will power 3D Realms' Duke Nukem Forever at GDC in San Francisco last month, has announced that it is to make its SDK available to developers on 30-day trial.

The company handed out time-limited versions of the SDK at the Game Developers Conference, but following significant demand from developers, has decided to make the Meqon software trial available on its website.

Until the end of April, developers can download a complete version of the Meqon Game Dynamics System, which comes with a 30 day license.

"The response from development studios during the Game Developer conference and in the past couple of weeks has been terrific," enthused Meqon CEO Jonas Lindqvist. "We had intended to pass this version of our software onto those people we met during the show, but requests have been coming in ever since the show ended."

"We're delighted that our technology has struck such a cord with the development community," he concluded, "and we're very pleased to make the SDK available to studios worldwide."

More information is available at

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