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New billing widgets launched with gaming websites in mind.

txtNation has today officially released their new billing widgets, targeting social networking, gaming and blog type websites, launched on the back of the ever popular micro-billing solution for websites, mENABLE.

Director Michael Whelan quotes: "We're delighted to release the Widget, a streamlined billing option based on our well established mENABLE software. We encourage webmasters and site owners to start to look at these powerful billing options.

The Widget is a radically different proposition for professional bloggers and multinational corporations alike, combining simple integration, ease-of-use for your customers, and sophisticated customisation. Monetizing your site becomes a joy not a slog."

With SMS (now available), IVR and credit card billing options in one small interface, the Widget is discrete enough for any site. Customers are guided step-by-step, with no complicated instructions or lengthy registration. Conversions, and customer satisfaction, increase.

txtNation encourage those interested, to contact txtNation to discuss where the Widget can take you, or explore the new dedicated product site,

This txtNation product is being promoted as the complete billing solution for selling one-off goods, services and recurring subscriptions from a website. The SMS widget is available now and the IVR widget and credit card widget are expected shortly.

With a simple interface, the customer is guided step-by-step. With no complicated instructions or lengthy registration, customers are less likely to abandon their payment. Conversions, and customer satisfaction, increase.

The small, unassuming "Widget" can be dropped into many different sites. It's a true billing chameleon: change the size, colour or background image of the application window for true integration with a websites existing flow, and offer billing internationally in a range of languages, geo-targeted to the target market.

Read more about the release of these new website widgets online, at the txtNation Blog ( For more information, please visit:

Worldwide payments, multiple options

mENABLE is built to exceed expectations, leading the field in terms of features, administration and security. The platform offers fast and easy integration, advanced payment tracking, live support to our technical team, fewer overheads than other payment providers, and a truly international reach.

About txtNation

txtNation is an outstanding multi award-winning solutions provider across billing, content and mobile messaging platforms. Focussing on sophisticated, ease-of-use solutions designed and supported by knowledgeable technical and customer support teams, txtNation have consistently proved itself one of the most efficient and cost effective messaging, billing and content providers in the business. txtNation's global reach means that we can facilitate mobile messaging services and products via the SMS Gateway across North America, Europe, Australia and Africa. txtNation have developed strong partnerships with many major industry leaders to ensure our solutions are compatible, well-connected and adequately secure. txtNation have well over 7000 clients large and small on every continent who are already experiencing the outstanding advantages which txtNation has to offer. txtNation's products and services increase customer acquisition, improve loyalty and build trusted brands and awareness through direct, personal, easy, and immediate communications.

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