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Memento Mori

Web-based Flash taster available to play.

dtp entertainment press release for October 24th, 2008

Hamburg/Germany, October 24th, 2008 – A flashgame based on the PC adventure game Memento Mori is now ready to be played at

In the PC adventure a precious painting is stolen from St. Petersburg’s famous Hermitage museum by the secret order “Ikuinen Nukkuja” (engl. “The Eternal Sleeper”). Russian policewoman Lara and a former art-counterfeiter named Max soon find traces of a religious conspiracy.

In the flashgame, the secret order has stolen not only one, but dozens of masterpieces and hidden them inside the monastery. Exploring the abbey and saving the stolen paintings promises to be an enjoyable way for gamers to shorten the wait for the PC game to hit the shelves.

As a PC game, Memento Mori features 3D environments full of atmosphere in which players will hunt the thiefs by combining hints and solving puzzles.

The flashgame by contrast is bringing the graphical style and feel of classic arcade games back to life. Quick reactions are crucial here: The player moves his character – either Max or Lara – with the four arrow keys through the monastery.

Stolen paintings from different floors of the building must be gathered. At the same time, the player must avoid monks patrolling the corridors watching out for intruders. After the first level, additional security cameras will make things even more difficult. Max and Lara mustn’t be caught on tape! If they do, the player has to start all over again.

Naturally, in the PC adventure there is much more to lose for Max and Lara – their lives, their health even their minds.

dtp aims to release Memento Mori worldwide, starting in the German speaking territories on October 31st, 2008.

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