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Memento Mori

New video shows off the 360° locations of dtp's art theft adventure.

Hamburg, October 30th, 2008 – The adventure game Memento Mori features 3D graphics with numerous extras. Today dtp entertainment releases a video on www., showing what Memento Mori´s 360° rotatable locations, 3D inventories, split screens as well as other special effects look like in-game.

In order to put the story about a mysterious art theft and the Angel of Death into focus, the Czech developers have programmed their own 3D-engine. It ensures that candles and fireplaces illuminate the locations with a warm glow. When Max sets out to investigate the nightly museum, dynamic shadows and reflections of his lighter create a dark and menacing atmosphere.

The developers have cunningly woven the third dimension into the puzzle design of the mystery crime adventure. In particularly important settings the game switches to a close-up view. Via two arrows at the bottom of the screen the scenery can be rotated 360°. By gaining new perspectives Lara and Max are able to discover objects and traces that were formerly hidden.

Another essential part of puzzle solving is the 3D inventory. All objects can be turned around and examined from the front, back and side. Gamers can even turn notepads and newspapers over and read them. Radios, calculators, and even gas chromatographs used for examining artworks can be studied from all sides.

Due to its 3D graphics Memento Mori uses a cinematic style. Cuts and changes in perspective during dialogues create lively and movie-like conversations. Important actions of Max and Lara are shown in close-ups via split screens. Thereby Memento Mori’s detailed animations come into focus. Every move of the main characters is individually animated – from rummaging for a mobile phone to tying a knot. Gamers may also look forward to 40 high quality render videos pushing the story forward to the climax.

dtp aims to release Memento Mori worldwide, starting in German speaking territories on October 31st, 2008.

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