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Memento Mori

Locations and characters flaunted in new gameplay video.

Hamburg, 2008-10-20 – A new video showing some gameplay of Memento Mori on presents some characters and locations for the first time in motion.

The video starts with an impression of Colonel Ostankovic from St. Petersburg police. He is upset about the burglary in St. Petersburg’s Hermitage, but doesn’t want to cause a stir just yet. Thus the main characters Max and Lara have to investigate undercover.

Max’s investigation leads him to the catacombs of the famous Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. During World War II its invaluable collection was transferred there for protection. In the game, the Hermitage Museum, including the Winter Palace, was modelled in every detail after the originals.

The smart Russian policewoman Lara follows a trace of the stolen painting to Scotland. She must find a way to enter the estate of a rich art collector without getting spotted.

The video closes with a preview of the abbey of the secret order of “Ikuinen Nukkuja”, which seems to be involved in the crime. The abbey lies in the woods of Finland and will be presented in the game at different times of the day. In the abbey’s garden Max meets a novice who is strangely familiar to him.

Memento Mori boasts 46 locations across five European countries. Max and Lara travel to France, Russia, Scotland, Portugal and Finland to unveil the truth behind the mysterious art theft in the Hermitage.

Close-ups and changes of perspective during dialogues, splitscreen-views as well as many rendered cut scenes make the mystery thriller a cinematic experience.

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