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Dan Whitehead appointed as editor.

“As a frequent cheerleader for quality children's gaming, and for better recognition for the studios and publishers who deliver on that promise, this is something of a dream come true”, said Dan Whitehead. “More kids than ever are enjoying video games, but there's been a significant lack of specialist media aimed at that audience. Taking the helm of Megaton is a chance to engage with the most passionate and opinionated young gamers and give them a voice”.

The appointment coincides with steadily increasing sales figures for Megaton's print edition, published by SkyJack Publishing, and impressive growth for the website, which is designed and managed by Eurogamer.

“This is a really exciting time”, Whitehead continued. “The Megaton brand is established, kids are really responding to what we're doing and both magazine sales and web traffic are rising month on month. We've already got some fantastic plans for 2011, including aggressive covermounting, exclusive retail partnerships, and other high profile projects.”

Matt Yeo, SkyJack Publishing Managing Director said, “As Megaton enters its second year, it’s essential that we keep improving, refining and expanding the brand for an ever-demanding audience”, Yeo continued. “Dan’s passion and drive for quality kids’ gaming, and his ambitious plans for both the print magazine and website, will help push Megaton to even greater heights.”

For more information on Megaton contact:

Dan Whitehead

07887 774816

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