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New update jumps onto the retro platformer.

For the real die-hards, this game wasn’t hard enough, so we introduce the first 20 levels for the new character: the Sarge; an even harder and more difficult game mode.

The Sarge is playable in the first 20 levels, but only if you unlocked the Time and Diamond stars!  With all other levels getting “Sargified” in later updates.

On top of the new levels we also added new controls methods, including Wii-remote support, Game-Gripper and Sony XPeria Play support.

And a large list of small changes, fixes, and tweaks for various devices. The game is now also compatible with Motorola Xoom!

What this update does NOT add is: HD Graphics, Easier difficulty, 3D mode, gigabytes of cutscenes and no birds or pigs.

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