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Megan and the Giant

London-based iPhone adventure on the App Store now.

Date: Feb. 1st, 2011


Los Angeles, CA

Studio Pepwuper, California, releases the first episode in the series, "Megan and the Giant" today, a story and character-driven family stealth adventure game for anybody who describes themselves as young at heart and who loves a good story.

In this first episode, players will be introduced to the wonderful world of "Megan and the Giant". Players will guide Megan, the curious, good natured, and talkative main character, on a journey to rescue a mysterious new friend. Sneak around London with the intuitive tap control, and outsmart the pursuers with strategic planning and the use of hilarious items!

Requires iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch 3G (32GB/64GB), or iPod Touch 4G. Support for earlier devices to come soon!


- Cute illustration-style 2D characters mixed with a colorful 3D environment

- Easy, minimum effort control. Just tap on the screen and move around!

- 30+ Levels, 4 Chapters taking you through different London scenery

- Lifelines! Bananas, Cardboard Boxes, Cups of tea... and more. Gain new items to help you as you advance through the game

- Escape scenarios from the London City Police, Angry Dogs (not birds), and other fun pursuers throughout the city

- Kid-friendly story and gameplay.

Brandon Wu, the founder of the Independent games studio, Studio Pepwuper, took his inspiration for the game from children’s story books such as Roald Dahl, inspirational comic characters such as those seen in Disney films, and the emotive story lines in movies from the Ghibli studio. A trip to London in 2009 gave him the idea for the story’s setting.

The vision of Studio Pepwuper and all of it’s games in the future is to expand the scope of video games. Brandon hopes to “create games that my wife and mother would enjoy playing. I want to change the view that video games are violent and mind-numbing, and show the world that games can be an inspiring, motivating and educational form of entertainment.”

His quest to demonstrate to non-gamers that video games can be a serious form of entertainment - on par with TV, movies, and books - has led him to create story and character-driven casual games with an episodic structure. Episode 1 is available today on iTunes App Store (

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About Studio Pepwuper

Based in Los Angeles, Studio Pepwuper makes games for those young at heart. Fall in love with the characters, get hooked on the storyline, and enjoy a game that, with a no-gun and violence policy, you can feel good about playing with your children too.

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