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Medieval Games

The fact sheet.

PUBLISHER: Vir2l Studios

DEVELOPER: N Fusion Interactive

PLATFORM: Nintendo WiiTM

RELEASE DATE: October 2009

DESCRIPTION: Medieval GamesTM is a collection of mini games set in a storybook medieval world, offering players a unique game play experience with a timeless theme. Battle dragons, storm the castle, or joust your way through the tournament championship as you compete in a variety of game modes. Easy pick up and play action with light hearted humor, a rich atmosphere, and colorful characters combine to make Medieval Games family-favorite. Swordfights, potion making, jousting, catapults and much more await in this rich fantasy world!

STORY: Dive into the story of the kingdom of Valoria and the ruling monarch King Falderol, and discover the many mysteries and plights plaguing the land. Unlock the clues to the dangers facing the kingdom as you travel through the game boards. Put an end to the pig-napping Troll, save the princess from the dreaded Dragon King, and battle the evil Black Knight on the journey to become a true hero!


• Collection of Games

Compete in 30 unique medieval mini games designed to relive the days of olde!

• Colorful Characters

Choose from eight iconic characters like the Knight, Princess, or Wizard.

• Whimsical Fantasy World

A bright and colorful art style and timeless theme offer players an outstanding fantasy experience.

• Multiple Game Modes

Medieval Games offers multiple competition modes including free play, tournament, and board game.

• Multiplayer

Play with up to three friends at once with four player multiplayer gameplay for interactive excitement!

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