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McGill: Retrofitting Kinect support is "down to the developers"

MS has little interest in adapting old first- party titles, but door open for other devs

UK Microsoft marketing chief Stephen McGill has claimed the Xbox maker is not looking to retroactively add Kinect support to existing first party titles.

However, he acknowledged that third party developers could do so if they wished.

"What we're looking at from a first-party point of view is how we can bring new gaming experiences to life," he told in an interview published today. "We're not looking too much at retrospective stuff,

"That's down to the developers to be honest. I'd imagine that, technically if that's something that they want to do, they can certainly look at that."

While no such projects have been revealed as yet, McGill claimed that "I'm not sure what other developers are going to do."

For the full interview with Stephen McGill, in which he also discusses whether Kinect is of interest to core gamers, his thoughts on Move's launch and why this is Xbox 360's biggest-ever Christmas, please click here.

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