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McGee seeks Enlight-enment

US publisher Enlight has snapped up the talents of American McGee, signing on the "gifted designer" as the firm's creative director.

Mr McGee, as you will recall, was responsible for Alice, the quirky gothic action title that EA released a few years back to much acclaim. Since then he's been off the radar as far as gamers go, having been somewhat busy making American McGee's Oz, a game for us and an associated movie trilogy for Disney Films/Jerry Bruckheimer.

Enlight CEO Trevor Chan was predictably chuffed at bagging his man: "American McGee is one of the most gifted designers in the interactive entertainment and computer games industries," he said.

"Together, we will seek out other talented designers and as a publisher, encourage and nourish their creative freedoms instead of squelching them. This is a major step forward for Enlight. Working directly with American McGee has been a goal of mine for some time," he added.

But 'who are Enlight?' some of you will be asking. Well, it signed space trader X2, for starters, as well as historical RTS Nemesis Of The Roman Empire and Warlords Battlecry 3. None the wiser? Then listen to McGee: "Trevor Chan has developed one of the most impressive independent development and publishing houses in the industry."

"His attention to detail and creative genius were shown with hit computer game brands like Capitalism, Seven Kingdoms, and Restaurant Empire. Together, we will send a very strong message to the market that Enlight is a home for design teams and game creators that want a publisher who will support and encourage their talents."

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