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McFarlane, Salvatore, Shilling form Green Monster Games

A new US development outfit has emerged entitled Green Monster Games, claiming it will 'burst onto the scene in epic and remarkable fashion'

A new US development outfit has emerged under the name Green Monster Games, claiming to 'burst onto the scene in epic and remarkable fashion.'

The unique-sounding company is lead by president Curt Shilling, a baseball player and avid MMO fan, with comic-book creator Todd McFarlane acting as lead artist, and fantasy writer R.A. Salvatore as creative director.

Announcing its intentions in job advertisements across the web, Green Monster Games intends to 'turn the industry on its ear with a product release and business model never before seen.'

The ad continues, '[In] an industry that has seen years go by with companies raking in the lions share of revenue, Green Monster Games is proposing something very different. The talent that creates the products at GMG will be splitting half of the profit pie.'

McFarlane has previously been attached to videogame projects, including Konami's McFarlane's Evil Prophecy and Namco's Soul Calibur II, for which he created a unique playable character. R.A. Salvatore was responsible for writing the story to Atari's Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone console game.

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