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Maxis relocates to EA's Redwood Shores HQ

Maxis, the studio responsible for the Sim series of games including the massive selling The Sims franchise, is set to move closer to parent company EA with a relocation of the bulk of its staff to the giant publisher's Redwood Shores headquarters.

The move comes at least partially because Maxis, which now has over 300 staff, had outgrown its existing offices in Walnut Creek, a mere 30 miles away from the Redwood Shores facility.

It's also, however, in line with EA's policy of bringing internal studios together at hub locations - such as Redwood Shores, the new Los Angeles facility and the UK campus in Chertsey, just south of London - in order to make more efficient use of production facilities.

A small team will remain behind in Walnut Creek, however, and will be working on a secret project under the direct supervision of Sims creator Will Wright - who will now be splitting his time between the Sims teams in Redwood Shores, and this new project in Walnut Creek.

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