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Mattrick warns of US Kinect stock shortages

Order "by the end of the week", executive tells summit

Don Mattrick has said that consumers in the US should order "by the end of the week" if they want to be sure of obtaining a Kinect unit for Christmas.

Speaking at the Web 2.0 Conference, Mattrick told the audience that the product was in very high demand, and jokingly said that it felt like Microsoft had already spent 'almost a billion' on it before it was even launched, TechCrunch reports.

Mattrick took the stage to talk to Kleiner Perkins partner Bing Gordon and Activision's Bobby Kotick, to discuss the level of engagement and immersion in today's games. The topic soon moved to the relative merits of controllers, or lack of them.

Current worldwide sales figures for Kinect indicate that over one million units were shifted in just ten days at retail, whilst recent UK sales figures show that Kinect helped to double the sales of Microsoft's Xbox 360 in the country last week.