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Matrix Games Wins Two Origins Game of the Year Awards

For Immediate Release July 5th 2006- On July 1st 2006 Matrix Games, www.matrixgames.com, received two coveted Game of the Year awards from Origins in the categories: Best Historical Board Game and Vanguard Unique Game Awards. The recipients were Mark H. Walker's Lock n' Load: Band of Heroes for Best Historical Board Game and Gary Grigsby's World at War for Vanguard Unique Game. Nicknamed the Callie awards, these represent special selection by a panel of expert judges on the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design (AAGAD) ( http://aagad.originsgames.com/). Both victories are notable achievements for different reasons. Lock n' Load: Band of Heroes is the first board game to be published by Matrix Games and to win an award that takes most companies many years to reach in the first outing is an important event. Lock n' Load: Band of Heroes is an easy to learn hex-based squad level wargame. We take great pride in having some of the best scenario design and the most flexible combat system of any WWII combat board game. Congratulations go to Mark H. Walker on this victory for his outstanding work on the design and development of Lock 'n Load: Band of Heroes! Gary Grigsby's World at War is notable as the first step in recognizing PC games as legitimate entries into the 'hobby' game market. Gary Grigsby's World at War is one of the first, if not the first, PC titles to win a Callie award. This is a sign to retail hobby shops that it is alright to accept and embrace PC "board games" as an extension of their existing market. The Vanguards, such as the one given to Gary Grigsby's World at War, are given to titles that are award worthy but do not fall into an existing category. Congratulations go to 2by3 Games - Gary Grigsby, Joel Billings and Keith Brors - for adding a great award to their long list of honors! Matrix Games looks forward to more PC titles appearing and is strongly pushing for the creation of a PC Wargame section to be added to the awards program next year. Matrix Games thanks the Academy and Origins for voting for Lock 'n Load: Band of Heroes and Gary Grigsby's World At War - we are honored to receive these awards! For more information on these and other Matrix Games products visit www.matrixgames.com. ABOUT MATRIX GAMES Matrix Games produces, markets and publishes historical wargames as well as other computer gaming products. Since 2000, Matrix Games has published over three dozen titles and several award-winning games, including War in the Pacific, Highway to the Reich, Gary Grigsby's World At War, Flashpoint Germany, Battles In Normandy, Starshatter and Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar. Matrix Games is based in Staten Island, New York. For more information, visit the Matrix Games website at www.matrixgames.com. Press Contact: Joseph Lieberman JoeL@MatrixGames.com
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