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Matrix Games License Top Selling Novel, A Craving for Blood

Mark Walker's A Craving for Blood crack's Booklocker's Top Ten

For Immediate Release

Staten Island, NY, October 13, 2006, Matrix Games ( is excited to announce that they have licensed the rights to developed a computer game based on the popular novel, A Craving for Blood by Mark H. Walker (

"I'm elated to have a chance to bring this book to life on the computer screen," stated David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games. "Mark has knack for bending genres, be they literary or gaming, and the gritty combat and conflicted heroine in A Craving for Blood is Mark at his best".

"Matrix Games is the only publisher I feel could make this work at the high standards I want. Gamers are going to be very excited about this one." said Mark Walker.

A Craving for Blood moved into the ten most popular novels on Booklocker ( this week. The novel features a witches brew of Abrams tanks, three-story tall robotic fighting machines, and macabre assassins. Nevertheless, it's a brew that will keep reader's noses buried in the binding as they bore through this darkly, yet grittily detailed, military science fiction thriller.

What the people say about A Craving for Blood

"If you like the idea of a retro tank fleet engaging a future world's high tech weaponry, you'll love Mark Walker's A Craving for Blood." John Antal, author of Proud Legions, military advisor for Brothers in Arms.

"Once you start reading Walker's blood-and-thunder saga, you'll be hooked." William R. Trotter, author of Warrenr's Beastie.

"Walker has combined a Tom Clancy-like grasp of near future war with an Underworld-esque heroine to produce an novel that military adventurists and macabre science fiction aficionados alike will treasure." Jim Zabek, Executive Editor, The Wargamer.

About Matrix Games

Matrix Games produces, markets and publishes historical wargames as well as other computer gaming products. Since 2000, Matrix Games has published over three dozen titles and several award-winning games, including War in the Pacific, Highway to the Reich, Gary Grigsby's World At War, Flashpoint Germany , Battles In Normandy , Starshatter and Tin Soldiers: Julius Caesar. Matrix Games is based in Staten Island , New York . For more information, visit the Matrix Games website at

About Mark H. Walker

Mark H. Walker is a former Naval Officer and Explosive Ordnance Disposal diver. He has authored the Wargamer column for PCGamer, and penned the critically acclaimed and internationally syndicated GameGuy editorials. Additionally he writes GameBuzz for the Armchair General, has penned over forty non-fiction books, and written hundreds of articles for major publications such as Autoweek, Alaska Airlines Magazine, Playboy, Computer Games Strategy Plus, Sierra Interaction, Sci-Fi Weekly, PCGamer, The Armchair General, and Computer Gaming World. A Craving for Blood is his first novel. He and his family reside in Henry, Virginia.

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