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Mata Hari

Secution mode added to saucy spy adventure.

Hamburg/Germany, October 20th, 2008 – The upcoming PC adventure game Mata Hari, published by dtp entertainment, offers adventure gamers not only classic point & click gameplay, but also makes them masters in seduction.

Mata Hari is a legend, known for her exotic dancing as well as her espionage activities. Players will find both in the upcoming PC adventure game Mata Hari which tells a life story of the mystic beauty.

To ensure spying success and gather the information needed, PC gamers will need to make use of Mata Hari’s seduction abilities.

They will also perform dances on stage to earn money: Therefore, the game offers a special gaming mode in which players have to follow the beat of Mata’s dancing music.

Stylized notes float in and over the screen. Players try to catch them by following the beat at the right time and place by using their mouse cursor.

The better players follow the beat the more money they will earn. At the end of the game, all earned money will be summed up to evaluate their dancing success.

“For all fans of pure classic point & click adventure gameplay, we included an option in the game which allows you to skip the dancing gaming mode and to focus on solving the point & click quests.

The dancing gameplay is a fun addition to the adventure game which is a very important part of Mata Hari’s life, which we are portraying in this PC game. Additionally, it is reminiscent of the unique point collecting method our developer legends Hal and Noah used in their famous adventure games of the past”, explains Claas Wolter, Senior PR Manager at dtp entertainment.

With the Point & Click Adventure Game Mata Hari, dtp entertainment will be telling a compelling story surrounding the legendary danceress and spy.

Mata Hari’s daring performances at lavish parties during the so-called “Belle Époque” attract influential political and economic leaders, among them the handsome Swiss Oscar Samsonet. He soon reaches the conclusion that the exotic dancer is the perfect tool for reaching his goals. Samsonet panders to Mata’s sense of adventure and lures her with fast money: she turns into a spy.

Her finesse, charm, and seduction skills aid Mata Hari in learning explosive secrets. Yet she soon finds herself in the crossfire: the Entente and the Mittelmächte are caught in a merciless arms race and the first World War looms on the horizon.

Adventure Game icons Hal Barwood and Noah Falstein are responsible for story and game design. The game is developed by the Hanover/Germany-based team Cranberry Production.

dtp aims to release Mata Hari worldwide, starting in the German speaking territories on November 21st, 2008.

About dtp entertainment

dtp entertainment is Germany’s second biggest independent games publisher. With more than 85 employees at its Hamburg headquarters, the company is market leader for adventure games and children’s software, publishing games for all interactive entertainment platforms worldwide.

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