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Four hidden object games on the way: Pure Hidden, The Profiler: The Hopscotch Killer, Hollywood: The Director’s Cut and Time Machine: Trapped in Time.

Mastertronic is excited to announce our latest batch of hidden object games- Pure Hidden, The Profiler: The Hopscotch Killer, Hollywood: The Director’s Cut and Time Machine: Trapped in Time.

Casual gaming site Gamezebo couldn’t praise Pure Hidden highly enough: “Stop reading this review right now and go play Pure Hidden. Nothing in this review can adequately explain how incredibly beautiful, serene, or inventive this game is, so please, just stop reading and go try it for yourself.” Pure Hidden is an unusual experience for all hidden object fans. Instead of the usual dusty tombs and Amazonian forests, the hidden objects levels take place in all sorts of unusual scenarios: sweet shops, casinos, film noir scenes and maps are just some of the intriguing scenarios. As if that wasn’t enough, there are 36 bonus minigames. If you’ve ever wanted to play Rock Paper Scissors on a PC, or try out a device that puts the ‘cat’ into ‘catapult’, then Pure Hidden is just the game for you. Pure Hidden is really one big activity box, highly original, visually stunning and just plain fun, a gem for the young and young at heart!

In The Profiler: The Hopscotch Killer, follow the journey of Miss Black who is being shown the ropes by retiring policeman Deckard as she starts her career in the NYPD. Though Miss Black finds she is immediately thrown in the deep end since there are several cases to investigate. As you examine the crime scenes to find clues and discover that a greater truth is revealed- each crime seems to be linked! Hence you embark on your hunt to find the identity of the serial killer. Can you prove you are a good profiler to your boss and find all the clues on the crime scenes, decipher the secret code used by the killer in the messages left on his victims and finally, discover where the serial killer is hiding before he strikes again?

In Hollywood: The Director’s Cut, you are the new Assistant Art Director and you’re going to be working on some of the biggest upcoming productions. Seek out the hidden objects on the sets of Tinseltown’s biggest movies. You’ll need to prove you know your movies, so find all the objects hidden across the various film sets and answer the Director’s question correctly at the end of each round. Get it right and you can move on to become the next Big Thing! Hi-resolution sets will transport you to the heart of the action. Immerse yourself in the ruthless world of film making and a range of smash hit movies. Can you make it to the ultimate goal... your own star on Hollywood Boulevard?

Travel to extraordinary times and places in Time Machine: Trapped in Time. Brilliant scientist Professor Einwin has created an actual time machine! Unfortunately he misused it, and activated a chain of events that could destroy humanity and leave Earth close to its end. Overcome with remorse, the professor dismantled the machine and scattered pieces of it throughout the past. Now it is up to you to follow the professor’s trail through history, finding everything he left behind. It’s up to you to find all the pieces of the time machine and to restore the order to the space-time continuum. Our future depends on you- can you find your way home and save humanity?

Mastertronic’s Product Director Neil McKenna comments, “Hidden Object games were the success story of 2009 and we’re keeping the standard high for 2010 with the release of these four excellent titles. Whether you prefer the traditional story-led game, or fancy something a bit more leftfield, Mastertronic has just the game for you. You don’t have to search hard for the best games at the best prices – Mastertronic is just what you’re looking for.”

All four casual titles are out now on general release.

For further details contact:

Kirsty Payne: kirsty.payne@mastertronic.com

Beena Puri: beena.puri@mastertronic.com

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