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Mastertronic gets Games of the Year…

Date: 29th October 2004

Cambridge, UK

For Immediate Release

Mastertronic today announced it is taking its reputation for providing consumers with more game for their money one step further with the announcement that Operation Flashpoint: Game of the Year Edition will be joining its £9.99 PC Gamer Presents... range this month, featuring the acclaimed Cold War Crisis version of the game and two updates - at no extra cost!

All three versions were originally published by Codemasters, and the Operation Flashpoint: Game of the Year Edition acts as a definitive collection of the stunning military combat title. Across Mastertronic's three-disc special edition, players guide a crack squad of troops into a series of war-zones and use the various skills of the soldiers to overcome seemingly impossible odds. The highly successful original has spawned two data disc add-ons that massively expand upon the original and, for the first time ever, Mastertronic special compilation will combine the various versions within one, amazing £9.99 package.

Operation Flashpoint: Game of the Year Edition boasts the original Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis game, the Gold Upgrade version, which contains an entire 'Red Hammer' scenario, and the Operation Flashpoint: Resistance add-on, wherein the player must avert a Russian invasion. Thus, in addition to Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis' many stages, players can easily access the four new missions offered by the Gold Upgrade, and the entire Soviet Invasion basis of Resistance. Similarly, all new weapons, vehicles and multi-player options will also be easily accessible.

"There are many pretenders to our value crown," commented Adam Prichard, Sales Director for Mastertronic. "While others talk and talk of raising bar, The PC Gamer Presents... label actually does it. Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis would be a strong enough title on its own, and a magnificent bargain for less than a tenner. However, in bundling two massive updates to create this Game of the Year Edition, we are again demonstrating that we are unbeatable in terms of quality and value."

About Mastertronic

Headed up by Frank Herman,

Mastertronic will seek to engender the values of its enviable heritage and become the leading value re-publisher of computer and video games working with publishers, retailers and consumers alike to continually innovate at all stages in the publishing value chain. Focus will be only on bringing the highest quality games to a mass market, delivered within a brand strategy that everyone can trust.

Originally formed in 1983, Mastertronic bought many a legendary 8 bit game to a true mass market (One Man and his Droid, Hunter Patrol, Spellbound, Phantoms of the Asteroid and Master of Magic to name a few). Mastertronic also brought the Sega Master System into Europe in the mid- 80's. The name Mastertronic all but disappeared from the industry in 1991 when it was acquired by Sega.

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