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Master of the Monster Lair

Meet the townsfolk. Come on, don't be shy.

September 24, 2008

Normally a safe and quiet town, South Arc has experienced an increasing number of attacks by the monsters that have recently infested the nearby forests. Frightened to leave their homes, the villagers requested help from the King. Coincidentally, similar reports have been popping up throughout the entire kingdom, leaving the King with few solutions for South Arc. With no clear answer to their problem the citizens of South Arc go about their daily lives as best they can, until one day hope comes in the form of a young orphan…

You are that orphan, and the time has come for you to get a job – this town will support you no longer! You’re forced to explore the vast world for a calling, some sign, maybe even a hint at what you should do for a living. Well, wouldn’t you know it! You get a calling… from a shovel… literally. When you stumble upon a talking shovel you suddenly find yourself with more than you bargained for. Your new responsibility is to dig a nearby dungeon, lure the town’s monsters inside and vanquish them. Can you tolerate the overly verbose shovel, and conquer South Arc’s monster population, while convincing the mayor that a dungeon should never be used as a tourist attraction?


A twelve-year-old boy. After graduating from school, Owen set out to find his first job, but he had a hard time finding one. Then, one day, he stumbled across a Magic Shovel. Now, like it or not, his new job is to create the town’s monster lair.


A talking shovel that was created long ago, specifically designed for digging dungeons. How convenient! He does his best to teach Owen the fine trade of lair-smithing.


A tough girl who, at most times, is actually pretty nice. Kate and Owen have been friends since childhood, but since she is one year older, she always feels the need to look after him.


Quite possibly the most beautiful woman in town, she sells weapons and armor. However, she doesn’t always have the best items available…


The town’s leader, who is only concerned about making money.

Master of the Monster Lair is scheduled to release for Nintendo DS™ on October 21.

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