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Master Mixers wanted!

"Two Worlds" presents a sophisticated alchemy system with a real hook

Las Vegas, 23rd February 2007 - thanks to the Alchemy System in "Two Worlds", players can now let their talent for experimenting run free and wild - magical elixirs, poisoned traps, shrapnel bombs, magical power-ups for weapons, you name it, anything goes... and it's all oh-so-easy too! Just drag-and-drop your selected ingredients from the inventory to the cooking pot! All kinds of plants you find, including herbs and mushrooms, are suitable for "Two Worlds" alchemy - and you can use ready-to-drink potions and parts of dead animals and monsters, as well as minerals and bombs. The possibilities are practically endless, but all these ingredients have their own individual properties - so give your mixture some thought beforehand if you want to achieve the right results!

If you're happy with the outcome, you can give your formula a special name and save it in the cookbook! So you can make really effective potions and bombs anytime you like... but only if the necessary ingredients are available! Sometimes recipes are awarded for a successfully completed quest - or you can buy them for cash in a shop. Alchemy really starts to explode in the MMO mode of "Two Worlds", where you can even trade those magical recipes of yours - and you might just get yourself a real bargain too if you keep your eyes open!

We've put a small teaser animation on alchemy on the "Two Worlds" site at

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