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Massive Inc audits ad impressions accuracy

Microsoft's in-game ad network is the first to attain third-party verification

Microsoft has announced that its in-game advertising network, Massive Inc, has successfully completed an audit of the accuracy of the way that it tracks impressions, particularly regarding sizes, angles and cumulative second thresholds that it quotes.

The audit, conducted by Interactive Media Services Group Ltd, was the first of what will now be an annual undertaking in order to "remain committed to a high level of transparency and integrity in our processes," said the company's CEO Cory Van Arsdale, also claiming that Massive was the first company in the sector to go through such a process.

And Dick Bennett, CEO of ImServices added: "Our review of Massive's controls over advertising delivery, measurement and data security shows Massive to be compliant with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Ad Impressions Measurement and Audit Guidelines and applicable Minimum Standards as published by the Media Rating Council (MRC)."

In-game advertising has been a hot topic in the games industry for the past couple of years, with strong opinions on both sides of the argument as to its effectiveness.

While the likes of Activision's Bobby Kotick and Sony Corporation's Sir Howard Stringer have played down the role that in-game ads may play in the budgeting of games, others - such as Double Fusion boss Jonathan Epstein - have told that they believe the sector could cover up to 20 per cent of a triple A title's development cost.

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