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Massive Gate 88 Update Released

February 24, 2005 (Toronto, Canada) - Queasy Games ( has released a massive update to their futuristic action/strategy title, Gate 88 and is available for download at the Gate 88 download site ( describes Gate 88 as a "fast-paced, frenetic blend of real-time strategy and 2D space shooter." Players dogfight in an upgradable command ship while developing base defenses, issuing squadron attacks, and researching new technologies. Though Gate 88's abstract vector-art is unabashedly old school, says, "the gameplay is anything but retro. It's new, fresh, and exciting."

The update includes many gameplay tweaks, single player adjustments, and a new Alliance feature, which allows players to coordinate cooperative attacks against the enemy. Conversely, betrayals become a strategic possibility as broken alliances will cause former allies to suddenly turn against you in a vicious backstab. This often marks the decisive moment in a match.

The single player mode is also vastly improved with player adjustable practice mode settings and a new enemy unit, the devious Repair Drone. An all-new in-game stats feature allows players to gauge their performance in singleplayer and multiplayer modes.

This latest release also sports a graphical update and many more gameplay tweaks, all of which are detailed in the following changelog:

Gate 88 is inspired by classics such as Herzog Zwei, Star Control, Subspace, Homeworld, and Parsec 47. It is currently available for Windows and Linux (x86). An OSX port is currently in development.







Jonathan Mak

Founder of Queasy Games

Toronto, Canada

Phone: 416-977-5886


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